Sample Research & Questions

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In your opinion, what do you think are doing better/worse than their competitors?
Why did you recently change from using to using?
You recently bought How do you evaluate the efficacy of it? Is there an ROI (return on investment) calculation that you do or some other evaluation method? Please explain.
Top 3 features you like/dislike about and why?
Leading up to the holidays, are you seeing less, the same, or more promotional activity in comparison to last year from vendor XYZ
Would you order more from if they were integrated into your management system?
What are you seeing from the competition, from your own store, or from customer purchasing that is surprising you and why?
At what point are aggregator/lead generation platforms’ pricing good value, expensive, too expensive (offer ranges for each)?
Please imagine you are working with an online marketplace to sell your products. Would you pay a fee to the online marketplace of (20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 0%) of the selling price of the ticket for a successful sale? If yes, stop the question. If no, go to the next lower price point.
What are the top reasons you would drop ? Are you shifting your budget away from — larger suppliers (Product XYZ) or smaller independents (Product ABC)? What are the main tasks you are using for?
What percentage increase in pricing would get you to change to and not use a (i.e. 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%)?
What has been the impact of the direct to customer model on your business (either online or direct to customer stores)?
What inning of the cycle would you guess we are in today? In other words, how many years of life cycle do you think are left and what makes you believe that?
Is uncertainty around a border tax proposal slowing momentum?
How do you view the millennial population when considering future demand drivers for in your market?
Has anything happened in the past three months that you think has affected sales in your store? E.g. Weather, promotions, new products, etc. Please elaborate.
If introduced products such as wearable technology, would your store stock them and have the customer base to sell them to?
On a scale of 1-5, 1 being “not loyal at all” and 5 being “extremely loyal”, how loyal would you say you are to and why?
How often have you been using ?
What made you choose this particular platform?
What are the top three reasons you don’t order from ? Have you used them in the past?
may introduce at more of their stores. Is this something that you have discussed and when do you plan to roll it out?
How do representatives compare to working with a representative
What memory for the new are they choosing
Approximately what is the percentage split in your ticket sales among sports, converts, theater, and other events?
Do you sell products in your store?
Does your store have a dedicated area for < Brand XYZ> clothing products?
How many orders do you get, on average and stripping out seasonality, from each week? (if they can’t answer weekly, then ask per month or day)
Is your store seeing more or less sales with options?
Other than clothing, which other products do you sell?
What is the average number of move-ins per month?
What is the most popular product that you sell? (For example, , etc.)?
What is your average monthly rent?
What platform offers you the best return on your advertising spend?
What type of care do you offer? (e.g. Assisted Living, Independent Living, or another long-term care type)
What other brands do they compete with?

When were brand inventories cleared out of your store?

Which Companies were most/least promoted? Get colorful comments
With canceling their contract, how are you planning to move their inventory?
Do you pay for extra products, such as promoted listings, beyond the commission rate?
How do the prices of compare to those of last year?
How long have you been paying to advertise on
Approximately what percentage price premium (on average) are customers willing to pay for a networked lighting solution vs. a separately controlled fixture? How do you expect this price premium to change 5 years from now
What percentage of your purchase spend goes through ?
Where do you advertise? Please rank by percentage of advertising budget spend:
Has your spending on from April to June gone up, down or stayed the same from the same period last year?
How does price point compare to traditional suppliers?
Approximately what percentage do you need to break even?
What is the average percentage of 1st month’s rent charged by an internet aggregator?
What percentage of your tickets would you estimate are sold below and what percentage are sold above their face value?
How many people are visiting your store compared to the same period last year? Select from the drop-down list.
What Companies are gaining/losing the most market share? List and Comments.
How deep is the demand to backfill department store and junior boxes at this point in the cycle?
What is demand for upscale independent hotels vs. upscale branded hotels – greater, less, the same?
Are you carrying more, less or a similar amount of foreign-manufactured lines than you were 3 years ago (for example, Chinese products)? Do you expect to carry more, less or a similar amount of foreign lines 3 years from now? Please add any relevant commentary
What percentage of your current sales do you estimate are going to relighting projects?
Would you expect lenders to change their plans if the 10-year moves 1 percentage higher? Why?

Which conglomerate do you believe has the strongest networked lighting controls solution? Would you describe the gap between competitive offerings as small or large, and why?

What percentage of your current sales do you estimate are going to relighting projects?

Would you expect lenders to change their plans if the 10-year moves 1 percentage higher? Why?

How does the breadth and depth of parts assortment/availability compare to other retailers

How does customer service and knowledge of the parts compare to traditional suppliers?

Do you plan to order more from next year?
Do you order from ?
Has the number of customers you service gone up or down vs. this period last year? (by approximately how much?)
From the platforms that you mentioned, where would you place them on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is very weak and 10 is very strong? Also, please rate any others you deem necessary (please record separately for each platform).
Have you stopped or ever stopped using in exchange for another software provider? Yes/No .
Which use cases still require the use of alternatives where you would like to use ?
Do you use a piece of software to manage your inventory across multiple secondary platforms? If so, what is the name of it?
What are online providers offering that get you to use them more?
Why do you think that is?
Have your inventory levels of been sustainable, or has customer demand lowered/exceeded your expectations?
Among the brands that you sell, where would you place popularity
Would you be interested in spending more money for more clicks?
Why are they getting a new phone?
Any phone promotions that have been particularly successful?
During the past three months, have there been any changes to the volume of online purchases, compared to the prior three months?
Have any product lines failed to meet expectations or exceeded them?
What is your store doing to beat competitors in the market?
Where do you have confidence/concerns now and looking ahead?
If you could recommend a commercial lender, who would you suggest?
If you operate in the NYC area, what are your rental growth assumptions for ’17 and ’18?
How available is developmental capital for multifamily projects?
Will you continue using in the future? Yes/No
What are the top 3 criteria you use in deciding what lighting lines to represent? (Please name the criteria in order, e.g., 1, 2, 3)
How often do you place orders through an online retailer (e.g. , ) vs. through a traditional auto part retailer (, , , )?
When would you choose to order online through a traditional auto part retailer’s website vs. an online retailer?
Do you ever use buy online, pick up in store features?
Why did you migrate from freemium to subscription?
What alternative service did you use before to complete the same tasks?
Is your firm moving in a positive or negative direction?
Relative to the rest of branches, are you outperforming those branches, underperforming or performing similarly?
Which plan are you subscribed to? (Basic, Pro, Pro+)
Are there any promotion or new menu items? How are those being received by customers? What kind of feedback are you getting?
Which of the following platforms have you used to sell? (XYZ platform, ABC Platform, AAA Platform, etc.)
How do you source ? (online, directly from teams, etc.)
Do you have your own delivery system? If no, why or why not outsource completely to delivery providers (e.g. X/Y/Z)?
Overall, what suppliers are you using more/less?
If you use , has their speed of delivery meaningfully improved over the past 6 months?
Do you think supply will increase, decrease, or stay the same over the next 12 months in your markets?
Have you seen a bidding decline for grocer tenants since the /Whole Foods announcement a couple of weeks ago?
How long have you been advertising on ? (<1 year, 1-2 years, 2+ years)
Would you say that more men or women visit your store
Could you comment on the age range of your customers?
The products of are targeted towards the younger consumer. Do you think the prices, styles, range, etc. are suitable for them?
Can you name local competitors of your store?
Can you rate their service and how their staff work with you? (scale of 1-10 with 10 being great service and 1 being terrible service)?
Can you rate your customer satisfaction for this service? (10 being very high and 1 being very low)?
Have you used self-service ad buying platform?
What is the average length of stay?
What is the average occupancy rate at your community?
In 5 years, do you think aggregators and lead generation platforms will grow as a percentage of success?
(Strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree)
How many people are with your firm?
Are you a manufacturer’s rep/salesperson? If no, politely end the call.
Are you ordering more parts (excluding tires) through online retailers relative to last year?
What percent of your auto parts revenue comes from parts that need to be delivered in under 2 hours
How often is able to fulfill your order with the supply you need within your time constraints
Do you anticipate any changes in your relationship with them going forward (either floor space or promotions/pricing related)?

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