Tailor Research

We help our clients design the survey and find the correct respondents

We use our highly trained surveyors located throughout the world to make phone interviews. Surveyors ensure that your questions are understood and the correct respondent is contacted.

We give you a written research report that summarizes the findings. The research has a Key Highlights section, charts and graphs that summarize the data, and much more.

What is our survey process and offering?

First, we work to understand your needs

We work with you to understand your objectives, first and foremost. We take the time to understand who you need answers from, why you need those answers, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

We research the target population and sampling techniques. We work with you to understand the trade-offs between confidence levels and costs. This leads us to develop a sample size and sampling demographics/ approach.

Second, we help you design your questions

Designing the questions for a survey is fraught with danger. It is very easy to introduce bias. For example, do your multiple choices have four or five answers? Do you know which one introduces the least amount of bias? We do. We work with you on the length of the survey, the question types, wording, etc.
Sourcing leads is both an art and a science – it takes experience. Without the right leads, a study will yield skewed results. We utilize our experience and techniques to build a sample of leads that emulates the overall population. We use internet researchers, web-scrapers, robot-process-automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence techniques to quickly build lists to call or use.

Fourth, we train our callers to meet your needs

We train our international callers in detail about the nuances of the survey. We give our callers a script (sometimes with input from the client), which they use to call respondents. We carefully instruct them on the type of person we are looking for and the answers we hope to elicit.

We do international surveys that include translation of the survey and answers.

Fifth, we employ layers of Quality Assurance

We have several layers of quality assurance (QA). Supervisors, the compliance team, analytics team, sales team, and the Director of Research’s team, all coordinate to ensure the answers and respondents to the survey are of a quality that meets our high standards. We recognize that the reason clients use our services is because we provide high-quality answers. After all, what is the purpose of conducting a survey if the responses are not predictive?

Sixth, our data analytics team slices and dices the data so you can quickly digest it.

A typical survey can be 100 B2B respondents, with twenty questions, all of which have six possible answers or are open-ended questions. All of this represents thousands of pieces of data. Our data analytics team are experts at synthesizing, the volume of data. They do so by categorizing data, creating tables, charts, graphs, and extracting key quotes from the survey. They also build metrics that summarize the data (means, modes, weighted-averages, and much more).

Seventh, and last, we create a comprehensive research report

The written research report is a continuation of the work the Data Analytics team does in excel, only with more synthesis and analysis, and brings it all together in a holistic and easily digestible way. Research Analysts write a report that includes detailed summaries of each question, key findings of the survey, highlighted areas of interest, etc. A typical research report is twenty-pages long. Customers who have paid for this service once, continue to see the value and are often permanent users.