Tailor Research


Market Intelligence

Market research leader providing customized, high quality, and insightful intelligence for both B2B and B2C partners around the globe.

How we help your business

We know the importance of working closely with our partners to design, implement, and synthesize results in a comprehensive and time-sensitive way because we have been providing services since 2007.


Gathering market intelligence that can help you make more informed decisions using surveys. We help with the design, programming, and statistical sampling.


If you need assistance finding the correct respondents or scouring the internet for information and specific data, we can help you through our large Data Team services.


If your survey was conducted elsewhere, we can help you analyze the data, categorize open-ended questions, build tables, chart trends, and graph, to clearly capture the essence of data.


If you need complete synthesis of the vast amount of data typically seen in large surveys, we can write research reports that have analysis, key findings, and more.

What Makes Us Different

1. We not only have panels, but phone callers located around the globe who can navigate to the person with the best knowledge to answer questions. Each question can be clarified for its meaning. Also, each answer from the respondent can be clarified. Lastly, more open-ended questions can be asked, and open-ended questions are where clients find unforeseen insights.

2. We will help you design the survey (hands-on).

3. We have many layers of Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure the data received is reliable. What’s the point of doing a survey if you cannot rely on the data?

4. We can help you with analyzing the survey data, including full research reports with Key findings and insights.

5. We can help find respondents and build new panels.


Tailor Research has successfully executed projects across the globe, including the U.K., U.S.A., Spain, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and more.


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